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Where exotic beaches and fairytale waters meet world famous Cretan cuisine: Sea Breeze Cruises can make your holiday complete. It's a must thing to do in Chania!

About Us

Sea Breeze Cruises is a young and innovative company in the field of renting high-speed private yachts and it has its headquarters in the Prefecture of Chania, Crete. The company was created a few years ago by young people and their vision was to offer to all visitors of Chania the possibility to enjoy unique and luxurious one-day exclusive boat tours during their holidays. In that way, the visitors of Chania have the opportunity to know even the most distant and exotic beaches of the island.

The Sea Breeze Cruises is a company that respects and appreciates ​​the customers and it has as main purpose the satisfaction of their desires in order to enjoy a memorable and relaxing holiday. In this context, except chartering yachts, the staff of the company provides its customers useful information about many places of Chania regarding the geographical, historical and cultural significance of them. In this way, the Sea Breeze Cruises contributes in the creation and design of one marine excursion that the customer wishes to make in order to discover some areas of his interest.

Paying special attention to the safety of its customers, as this is a prerequisite for the realization of small marine tours, the Sea Breeze Cruises offers last generation high speed cruisers which are maintained by experienced technicians using modern technological methods.

Boat Tours

Sea Breeze Cruises offers a unique way to treat you to a piece of heaven.
We start our day from the beautiful harbor of Chania, renowned for its important place in history from all eras.

During your boat trip we will introduce you to the most breathtaking waters, where you will have the chance to discover the underwater world with the snorkeling equipment available to you.
You will be enchanted with the most beautiful beaches from the Balos Lagoon to Thodorou Island all the while being spoiled with tastes of the Cretan cuisine.

Choose our morning cruise to enjoy the hottest time of day bathing in crystal clear waters or our afternoon cruise for a romantic sunset that will leave you breathless.

Whether sight, sound or taste: Sea Breeze cruises will leave all your senses fulfilled...

Balos Lagoon

Balos Lagoon

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Menies Beach

Menies beach

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Thodorou Island

Thodorou Island

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Seitan Limania

Seitan Limania

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Our Boats

The fleet of the company Sea Breezes Cruises consists of four high-speed luxurious vessels which meet all international safety standards for passenger transport.

Pick your favorite to learn more.

Heaven 34HT Poseidon

Heaven 34HT "Poseidon"

Capacity: 9 Persons
Olympic 590FF Ariel

Olympic 590FF "Ariel"

Capacity: 6 Persons
Oceanic 570 Aegeas

Oceanic 570 "Aegeas"

Capacity: 6 Persons
Oceanic 490 Alexander

Oceanic 490 "Alexander"

Capacity: 4 Persons