Amazing Private Boat Trips in Chania

Boat Trips Chania & Boat Rental

Sea Breeze Cruises offers to all visitors of Chania the possibility to enjoy unique and luxurious one-day exclusive boat trips during their holidays. In that way, the visitors of Chania have the opportunity to know even the most distant and exotic beaches of the island.

Where exotic beaches and fairytale waters meet world famous Cretan cuisine. Sea Breeze Cruises can make your holiday complete. It’s a must thing to do in Chania

Unique & Luxurious Exclusive Boat Tours

Boat Trips in Chania

Sea Breeze Cruises offers a unique way to treat you to a piece of heaven.

We start our day from the beautiful harbor of Chania, renowned for its important place in history from all eras. During your boat trip we will introduce you to the most breathtaking waters, where you will have the chance to discover the underwater world with the snorkeling equipment available to you. You will be enchanted with the most beautiful beaches from the Balos Lagoon to Thodorou Island all the while being spoiled with tastes of the Cretan cuisine.

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Chania Boats Tours

Boat Tour in Chania (Balos) with Sea Breeze Cruises

Boat Trips to Balos

Balos ranks 5th in TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice in the World for 2019. It’s the most photographed beach in Crete.

Boat Trips to Seitan Limania

Three parallel narrow coves, well protected from the waves, after the wild landscape.

Boat Tour in Chania (Menies Beach) with Sea Breeze Cruises

Boat Trips to Menies Beach

Menies is a beautiful secluded beach with pebbles and deep crystal blue waters.

Boat Trips to Thodorou Island

A historic island with ecological importance in preserving the protected species of the Cretan wild goat.

Enjoy Great Times With Us

Enjoy unique and luxurious one-day exclusive boat tours during their holidays

Boat Trips With Or Without Skipper


Rent a Boat With Skipper

Comfortable, relaxed and mostly safe journey to the destination of your choice.

Rent a Boat Without Skipper

with boat driving license

Rent a boat without a skipper (with boat driving license) and have fun on your own!

Five High-Speed Luxurius Vessels

Our Boats

Heaven 34HT “Poseidon”

Capacity: 8 persons

Evripus “Nireas”

Capacity: 6 persons

Olympic 590FF “Ariel”

Capacity: 6 persons