Rent a Boat

In case you hold a proper license and enjoy driving boats, you can rent one of our smallest boats (Aegeas, Ariel) and pass a relaxing day with your family without the presence of a skipper.

Also you can rent one of Alexander (I,II) boats without a license.

Get on board, sit back and pass a day away from everything... You can explore, swim, snorkel or just lie on deck and enjoy the tranquility and the family moments!

The boats come with an ice cooler box and a GPS with some suggested tours.

The price will include all taxes, safety equipment, third party insurance, liability insurance for passengers and damage insurance with 1500€ excess. This amount will be blocked on your credit card and will be unblocked at the end of your cruise. Fuel is not included in the prices; fuel consumption is charged extra at the end of the cruise.

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